Seeing Spots


I know I've disappeared from this space for a few weeks, and I think I just needed a short break from the weekly writing. I was trying to write about different things each week, but it all ended up back at the same thing: the weather and as a result, a lack of inspiration thereof.

Instead, I'm going to hijack this post to do a quick update on life.

At the time of this post, I'll most likely be getting ready to board a plane to Tulum. Actually, I'm writing this at about 10PM before my 7:30AM flight. In other words, I've been doing a fair bit of shoppings for the tropics. Lots of white, linen and even reds are in my carry-on. My shopping cart in the winter tends to lean more towards the masculine side (see: blazers) whereas my summer cart is usually full of more feminine dresses and skirts. Hopefully I'll be able to show you all some new stuff (and palm trees) fairly soon!

I've also been obsessed with everything polka-dots. Black dots on white, white dots on black — love them all. This Realisation Par dress is the latest addition. I've had their pieces on my mind for so long, but the prices caused me to click the 'x' on my browser every time. Not to mention, shopping on US sites has taken such a toll ever since the Canadian currency tanked (at least that's recovering). I finally bit the bullet when I saw a site-wide 15% off sale and picked up two pieces, which I'm so excited to wear until you're all sick of looking at it this summer hehe.

Working out
Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have noticed that I started working out at Equinox. Fun fact, I used to be completely obsessed with working out (i.e. lifting weights) and maniacally counted every single calorie and macro that I ate, every single day. For about 3 years. Needless to say, it all just got to be a bit too much which resulted in me completely not working out and neglecting my dietary choices. My goal now is just to find balance, which has felt a lot better since the Equinox in Toronto is literally across the street from my office. I love that there's such a huge variety of classes at all times of the day, and if nothing interests me then I always have the flexibility of going in and just doing my own workout. So far, worth every penny of the outrageous membership fee I'm paying (not sponsored, obviously!). The facilities are also pretty awesome too.

Okay, I've recently started a re-run of Gossip Girl. I got through Season 1 fairly quickly but Season 2 has me remembering all the bad bits of it. It's definitely a guilty pleasure, but also without a doubt one of my favourite shows from when I was younger! In terms of movies, an absolute favourite right now is Call Me by Your Name. Just watching the trailer I knew this would be a movie which appealed to me aesthetically and emotionally, and it actually exceeded all my expectations for it. It's just such a beautiful piece, and makes me want to travel to Italy so much. Plus the soundtrack is amazing. My boyfriend can tell you how many times I've had it on repeat...

I'm going to end this post here today, as I finish up my packing. Fingers crossed that my next post will be about sunny Mexico!