A Spring Rut


Wearing —
Free and Form dress / Massimo Dutti trench coat (similar below) / Stuart Weitzman boots / Chanel bag (vintage)


Real talk, I've been in the middle of an absolute inspiration rut for the past month, with no end in sight.

Endless scrolling through Pinterest moodboards hasn't helped. It feels like I've been producing the same sort of content and ending up at the same backdrops every weekend, but it can be hard to come out with something new and exciting every week. I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about the same thing recently, and I wish I had something more innovative to say but I'm in the same situation. I think it's really just that time of the year, the odd in-between. That's also why I haven't written as much lately, but hopefully the creative juices (sorry) will start flowing again the closer we get to summer! 

Truthfully, it's been hard to throw together an outfit every weekend for you guys, mostly because I just really don't want to layer a sweater or coat on top of everything anymore. If it looks like I've been wearing the same pieces the past few months, that's because I have. I know I've prided myself in the past on reinventing your existing wardrobe, but I'll be honest, I'm getting tired of my winter closet. I've put myself on a clothing shopping ban (PS. bags don't count hehe - if you know what I'm talking about); at least until it's appropriate to shop for a different season. For example, why is it still snowing in April? At least in the meantime, these Stuart Weitzman boots have been a great alternative to sneak underneath mid-length dresses without freezing! 

Maybe this should be my excuse to do some traveling, no? 

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