Why I Shop Vintage, with MCouture

One of my favourite things to do is to browse designer consignment shops for vintage finds online.

Although I love to shop in person, I have to concede that I don’t have the greatest patience for digging through racks of clothing, something you often need to do when vintage shopping. Online shopping has been my biggest saviour in this regard, where everything is laid out with in multiple angles— serious bonus points if there are modeled shots. I admittedly only got into vintage shopping around a year ago so I am still developing an eye and penchant for it. Some people may turn their nose at the prospect of wearing someone else’s pre-worn clothes, but to me there is a charm and story to it. Also truthfully, full price designer items are just too expensive nowadays. Whereas I might save up to buy a designer purse or a pair of shoes after lots of aching debate, I don’t see myself buying designer-priced garments any time soon. 

I recently found out about MCouture, a Canadian-based designer consignment e-shop. They help streamline both the buying and selling process. In fact I recently listed a pair of Celine sunglasses to sell, and all I needed to do was take some clear pictures of the sunglasses and then upload them to the site. I was given options to select things such as item condition and a short description. MCouture also generates an automatic price for the listing based on its retail price and condition, but you’re flexible to change the actual listed price as you wish.    When someone buys the item, MCouture will provide the seller with a prepaid shipping label, and the only work to do as the seller is your responsibility to ship the item out within an allotted period of time.

Consignment shops, especially online ones like MCouture are perfect for someone like me who refreshes her wardrobe semi-regularly. Take for example these Celine sunglasses, they were my first pair of designer sunglasses (my only pair now still!) and although I don’t dislike them now, I’m ready for a change. By exchanging instead of endlessly accumulating, it feels like I'm passing something on. Whenever I make a big purchase, I always try to consciously think of what I can sell in exchange to lessen the impact. 

If you’re interested, you can shop my listing here. I’ll also be posting a few more items so keep posted on my seller page ;)

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Photos by Allure of Simplicity.

Disclosure: In collaboration with MCouture.
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