All About Eyelash Extensions: A Review


I’m no stranger to eyelash extensions.

In fact I’ve been getting them done for more or less the last 3 years. I’ve been hooked ever since I got my first set done, and nothing beats the convenience of having a fresh set of lashes ready to go when I wakeup. 

This post contains my most recent experience with eyelash extensions, and in particular sable lashes.


A bit of background: I switched salons a few times but for the better part of last year, stuck to one place. Unfortunately as they became more popular, their quality slacked and I ultimately ended up with extremely damaged natural eyelashes which had gaps all over. Not to drop any names or point fingers, but I finally decided to cut ties after one final session where my upper eyelashes had gotten glued to my lower ones during the process... preventing me from opening my eyes at the end. It was time to say goodbye.

After that, I took a break from getting any extensions done to give my lashes some months to heal. When fanLashtic.Brow reached out about their sable eyelash extensions though, I couldn’t resist. 

Sable eyelash extensions are considered the softest and lightest extension type currently on the market. Typically about 0.15mm to 0.10mm, they’re thinner than mink, silk and synthetic extensions. fanLashtic.Brow sources their extensions straight from Japan, and they’re top of the line in terms of quality. Since sable lash extensions are so thin, they’re perfect for creating that beautifully fluttery, wispy look. It’s also the best choice for those of us who have thin natural lashes (*ahem* Asians), as they’ll be able to better support the extensions without getting weighed down or damaged over time.


The process

Most salons offer two types of eyelash extensions: classic and volume. At a high level, classic means that an individual eyelash extension is applied to each natural lash, and volume means that a “cluster” of lashes is applied to each natural lash. The number of lashes per cluster is usually denoted by a number followed by D (e.g. 3D means each cluster has 3 individual lashes). As you can imagine, volume is usually used to achieve a more dramatic effect.

I’ve typically always gone for volume extensions, given that my natural asian lashes are so sparse. Based on previous client photos from fanLashtic.Brow though, I actually ended up going with a classic set and I’m so glad I did that—more on this later.

The actual process is a breeze, I think I may have passed out for half the time. Snuggled in the comfiest leather reclining chair with a blanket, it was definitely one of my cozier eyelash extension experiences. Not to mention that Lin, who did my lashes, had the lightest touch. With previous salons I had felt tugging here and there (not a good sign), but I felt practically nothing this time.

I do have quite sensitive eyes though, so my eyes tend to water from the glue and it's become quite normal for me during the application process. That’s about the only discomfort I felt the entire time. Lin was so accommodating too, making sure that the glue was dried properly with a handheld fan and there was no burning sensation before allowing me to open my eyes at the end. 

Before & after (D curl, 12mm length, 0.10mm width).    More on fanLashtic.Brow's Instagram page:  here  and  here .

Before & after (D curl, 12mm length, 0.10mm width).
More on fanLashtic.Brow's Instagram page: here and here.

Results & aftercare

I've placed a before and after above, I think the photo speaks for itself because the results are dramatic! 

As mentioned, because of how thin sable extensions are, the final effect is much fluffier than your standard classic extensions. Without knowing better, I would have definitely guessed that Lin had given me a set of volume extensions—that’s how full it looked. They were the perfect “everyday set” for me, and I didn’t need to put on any additional eye makeup in the mornings.  In these photos I just have a light wash of eyeshadow on, nothing else. Amazing, right? 

By the way, if you followed along on my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I also got my eyeliner tattooed at fanLashtic.Brow. Yep, eyeliner, tattoo! It’s actually a lot less scary than it sounds and so natural looking. I’m mentioning it because with the extensions in, I can definitely tell that the eyeliner darkens my lash line and enhances the overall look. 

For aftercare, avoid getting your lashes wet for 4 hours so the glue fully sets. I usually wait about 24 hours just to be safe, because it’s what I’m used to from my first extensions experience, but I’m pretty sure it’s unnecessary because no other salon has told me that long haha. After that, no oil-based products around your eyes and that’s it. If I do put on eyeliner, I use Schwing from the Balm which washes off with water and avoid using oil cleanser directly on my eyelids when removing the rest of my facial makeup. I also apply my eye cream more carefully to not touch my lash line. Apart from that, I carry on my routine as usual. 


It’s so important to find a salon that truly cares about your lash health and ensures that not only will the extensions look good now, but they’ll continue to without damaging your natural lashes. Especially after the experience I've had, I'm taking so much more care in choosing a salon. The ladies there told me that everyone is at the salon trained to use the lightest touch, and to assess each lash so that they only place extensions on lashes which are able to support an extension. 

For you girls in Toronto, I’d definitely recommend checking out fanLashtic.Brow. I also always get a text message response within 30 minutes or less and they’re always open to answer all my questions - and of course, you’re welcome to message me any questions too :)


Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with fanLashtic.Brow.
However, all creative content and opinions are my own.