Borrowed from the Boys


Every week I sit down to brainstorm the week's blog post, and the first thing that comes to mind is the weather.

One day soon, I swear I'll stop writing about the weather. On this particular day I was feeling overly optimistic with the sunshine and decided to choose some riskier footwear. I proclaimed on my Instagram that I'm refusing to wear any more boots this season, which is not 100% honest, because truthfully we are still dithering about 1-2 degrees Celsius here. These mule choices on this day though... let's just say I couldn't feel my feet after about 10 minutes outside. Nevertheless, I've already gone on about them before and I'm determined to get them out the door regularly again very soon (hopefully).

Let's change the subject and talk about the outfit. I feel like I've worn and styled all my sweaters about 5 times too many this winter already (sorry, quickly going back to the weather for a sec there). So rather than wearing my own today, I borrowed the boyfriend's. Maybe it's just me, but I swear menswear, particularly knits and sweats, are softer than their female counterparts'. At home I'm always guiltily asking the boy where his sweatshirt is so I can wear it, hehe.

Instead of doing up the buttons, I tried something different, wrapping both sides around me into a wrap top style and tucking the hem into a pair of jeans. You can definitely do this with any cardigan too, not just a men's one. To juxtapose an otherwise masculine outfit, I went a bit risque with the top, a peek of lace showing through. If that's not your cup of tea though, you can secure the wrapped part with some fabric tape or simply wrap it tighter around yourself.

Since it feels so (so) much like we're on the cusp of warmer weather, I'm trying my best to innovate and reinvent with existing pieces... or in this case, borrowed from the boyfriend ;)


Wearing —

Oak & Fort blazer (similar here & here);
Club Monaco men's cardigan;
Zara jeans (similar here and here);
Cole Haan mules (similar here, high-end here); and
X Nihilo bag.


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