#LoveSleep: Endy


As I cross the threshold into my mid-twenties,

my friends and I spend a lot of time talking about the "golden days" of university when we (somehow) managed to go out donning 6 inch heels in -20 degree weather, staying up all night doing absolutely nothing. I really do feel like quite a grouch sometimes as I begin to complain more about the quirks of age (as in the aches and pains). Sleep is something else I've started to treasure. As soon as the clock hits midnight, in a less romantic version of a Cinderella story, an internal alarm goes off that screams, "you should be asleep!"

When the boyfriend and I decided to upgrade to a queen size bed last September, mattress selection ended up at the top of my to-do list. I know this isn't something we talk about often. It certainly isn't as glamorous or stylish as a new pair of designer shoes, but I think it's something most people can relate to. We do spend half of our lives in bed, after all. 

Growing up in an Asian household, I've become accustomed to hard mattresses but even my last one was probably a bit too much. I'm pretty sure my parents had told me they actually shipped it over from China when they first moved to Canada, or something equally bizarre. In any case, it was ancient and hard as a rock. There was practically no bounce or give to the damn thing, and that had to change. 

Enter Endy.

An investment into your quality of sleep is not to missed and Endy is definitely a worthy investment. 

Endy: a Canadian mattress company based right in Toronto

An online mattress that bypasses the traditional retail store to offer the same great quality product, but at a fraction of the cost. I had seen their ads all over the Toronto subway system, but all I really knew was they sold one of those easily transportable mattresses that came rolled up in a box. I was intrigued, but not sold yet.

100-Night Trial

If you're on the fence, Endy prepared for that because they offer a 100-night trial for their mattress. So at the end 100 nights, if you decide it's not for you, Endy will send someone to pick up the mattress free of charge and issue a full refund. The best part of this whole program is that your returned mattress won't just tossed, where possible Endy will always donate the mattress to serve those less fortunate.


Well, I've now had the Endy mattress for 6 months. So I think it's safe to say that it's here to stay. Here's some things I have to say about it:

  • Delivery was a breeze. If you live in a condo, you're probably familiar with the overall annoyance associated with having large-scale items such as furniture delivered - booking an elevator, putting in a money order deposit, taking a day off work in order to be at home when the delivery arrives... delivery was actually one of our biggest headaches when we looked at traditional mattresses, especially since we didn't have a car. When the Endy got delivered in a box, our front desk was able to hold it for a few hours in time for us to get off work and pick it up. The packaging also made it possible for the boyfriend and I to bring it up to our unit ourselves (well, mostly just him). 
  • Unboxing was more fun than expected for a mattress (lol). I was skeptical a queen size mattress would fit in the box when I first saw it, but it was pretty neat watching the mattress quickly expand to its full size once unrolled.
  • The perfect level of firmness. Since I was used to sleeping on a much harder mattress, at first I found the Endy too soft, so perhaps my opinion is a bit biased. However it's supposed to become firmer with use over the first month or so. To be honest I'm not entirely sure if I grew more used to it or if it actually got firmer, but I find it's perfect for my sleep now. It doesn't feel like I'm slipping into the mattress (especially with a second, heavier body sleeping beside me) as some hotel beds do, but it doesn't feel too hard either.
  • Foam which adapts to your body contours. I learned part of the reason that the Endy mattress feels so comfy actually has to do with the fact that the top foam layer is actually designed to conform to the weight and shape of your body over time. So cool. Essentially, your Endy mattress will learn your body (ooh la la) and hug the sections that tend to need the most support, such as the lower back! Similarly, it will also reduce pressure from other parts of your body. I almost never wakeup feeling achy ever since I switched mattresses.
  • Breathable and made without harmful chemicals. As I get older, I've become more and more conscious about what I put into my body (although admittedly, my vice is still potato chips and fries). Endy's foam is made without unpleasant chemicals such as mercury, lead, formaldehyde and regulated phthalates, along with certifications for low volatile organic compound emissions to safeguard indoor air quality.
  • 100% Canadian. I've taken on a habit of alway supporting local and Canadian wherever possible. The fact that Endy's mattresses are 100% Canadian, that is—designed, sourced, manufactured, and shipped, definitely checks all my boxes.

For those of you interested in learning more, Endy has an extremely comprehensive FAQ page on their website that answered most if not all of my questions beforehand.


If you're not on the market for something as large as a mattress, Endy's pillows are a great alternative to make a big change in your sleep at a much lower cost. I had gone through so many cheap pillows, often stacking two together in order to achieve the height I preferred because every pillow I purchased would flatten to a sheet after one night. Furiously pounding my pillows back into shape every night was probably not the best bedtime relaxation activity I envisioned.

I had read online somewhere that fluffed pillows just didn't exist, even people who invested hundreds of dollars still complained. I gave up on that quest. So imagine my pleasant surprise when at $80 a pop, my Endy pillows actually stayed puffy(!!). Just some light pounding to reshape once or twice a week before bed ;) 

Made from individual pieces of memory foam, there's a zipper that allows you to remove as much or none to customize the height of the pillow. Personally, I left it as is and no longer need a second stacked pillow at night. The foam interior also means there's no pulling pesky feathers out from the inside. 

Even after 6 months, the pillows have maintained their shape and form. That's major points from me because usually this is about when I would be thinking of retiring my pillows.


Final Verdict

An investment into your quality of sleep is not to missed and Endy is definitely worthy investment. Especially with the surging popularity of self-love and wellness, I'm fully onboard to stress the importance of sleep. I look forward to sinking into bed at the end of the day, and also wakeup feeling more refreshed. Basically, I #LoveSleep. The only downside is that I have trouble getting out of bed because my bed feels soo comfy!

Oh and those 6 inch heels? Never to be seen or worn again.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Endy.
All creative content and opinions are my own.