Impulse Choices


I bought these pants from Aritzia maybe 5 years ago before they were on sale.

That's the whole reason. Truth is I was not a big fan of the colour and thought the style was too baggy—but the allure of the 60% off sale price got me. Now they're one of my favourite trousers both in colour and fit.

Today's post is inspired by this story.


Like many Canadian girls can probably relate, at one point in my adolescence I was obsessed with having everything from Aritzia. The TNA hoodies! I still wear those all the time at home now. Truth is, I looked for any excuse during sale season to pick up any item, anything.

And that's how I ended up with these trousers, because I had convinced myself that I wanted it at a point in my life where I only really wore black and greys with skin tight jeans. Not that there's anything wrong with that, in fact it's still one of my go to looks. The point is, I didn't really love these trousers when I bought them and subsequently they were banished to the back of my closet for the next few years.


Wearing —
Zara blouse (similar here) / Aritzia pants (similar herehere) / Zara shoes (similar here) / Massimo Dutti bag / Movida earrings / Mejuri rings


Fast forward to today. 

This silhouette and colour is now trendy (although I would still argue both are classics at heart), and  almost every time I wear these pants out someone asks where they're from. I've already professed my love for browns, so it's no surprise that these are one of my favourites.

Where I used to think the colour was too bright (don't ask, I had an immense aversion to colour), the camel shade now goes with all sorts of whites, creams and blacks. Also known as the rest of my wardrobe. Where I used to think the fit was way too baggy, it now feels tailored and streamlined.

I guess the moral of this story is three-fold:

  1. Trends change and will tend to repeat themselves through the years (the 90's are currently making a comeback)
  2. Although I bought something I eventually ended up loving... don't impulse buy during sales
  3. If you must buy something on impulse, try to stick to classic and timeless shapes and colours as a fail proof choice

By the way, I'm in no means saying that I don't love Aritzia pieces now. I still browse through the selection at least once every season and own quite a few pieces, but I don't stalk their sales anymore. In fact I try not to obsessively splurge over sales from any retailers anymore (looking at you, Black Friday and Boxing Day), and I've found that my clothing purchases are accompanied by much more thoughtfulness than before.


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