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I’ve amassed quite a collection of coats and jackets over the past few years. Living in Toronto, it’s inevitable given our long winters. A girl’s gotta have options for her outerwear, after all.

One thing I was missing, and for well over a year now, I’ve been on the hunt for a camel robe coat to add to my arsenal. I’ve had my eyes on the Nanushka Alamos Robe Coat for forever, and even almost bit the bullet quite a few times, but the price tag always drew me back. That’s why when I discovered the Classic Coat from The Curated not long ago, I fell in love.


This coat is a a stunning one that drapes beautifully yet still keeps its structure, with an added versatility to be worn belted or not (shown here unbelted). The camel colour is amazing: the perfect shade of neutral that goes with everything, including other shades of camel and tan (which is a lot of my wardrobe haha).

My only complaint is that there are no belt loops, so I just roll up the belt and keep it inside a pocket when it’s not in use, though I worry sometimes about the belt falling off without me noticing! However, I totally understand it’s a design choice made based on aesthetic because the coat would not look nearly as minimal with hovering belt loops in the middle of the waistline.


At the price, you really can’t beat the quality because the coat is made from a luxurious 100% organic cashmere wool blend, which means it’s super soft and warm. When a coat is made from 100% cashmere or wool, there’s usually no need to double line the coat inside, which allows it to fall into that beautiful and soft robe-like shape without being bulky, while still providing ample warmth. When I see coats made from synthetic blends and are only single lined, I tend to shy away because that usually means it won’t do a great job against the weather.

Not to mention, that 100% organic cashmere wool blend is sourced from leftover raw materials used by factories in the production of other goods. Sustainability is huge now, and I’m happy to be able to support a brand that promotes it so heavily in their products.


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Since I’ve shared images of The Curated coat previously on Instagram, I’ve had some questions about whether this coat is warm enough for the Toronto weather. Although the Classic Coat from The Curated feels thin, it actually is really warm, especially when paired with a thick sweater, scarf and gloves (which is a given in Toronto anyways)! When the temperature hovers around zero degrees celsius, I usually rotate between this coat and a vintage coat, which is also 100% wool. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that we switch eventually to a down-filled parka once it gets to the dead of winter in the city (January and February, looking at you now).

Until then… you might be seeing a lot more of this coat.

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