Transitioning Dresses into Fall

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Wearing: top from  Popcherry , pants from  Aritzia , shoes from  Cole Haan

Wearing: top from Popcherry, pants from Aritzia, shoes from Cole Haan

One thing I've been loving as we transition into fall is wearing my dresses as a top by tucking it into my pants.


I've been doing it with all my trousers and even my looser jeans. Here, I've done the same thing by tucking this Popcherry wrap dress into my favourite pair of white trousers and letting the ribbon hang out. It's an easy way to re-invent and re-wear something you already own, without going out and buying a second closet for the cooler weather. 

I've accumulated a fair number of summer dresses over the years, and in previous seasons they just got tucked (ha ha) into the back of my closet as soon as the weather drops below 20 degrees Celsius. This fall, they're all my favourite transitional pieces. Even though this idea isn't revolutionary by any means, it's the first time I've tried it.

I've still been window shopping for some transitional fall pieces, but with the exception of a new jacket which I'm sure you'll see shortly, I haven't purchased anything just yet. Whilst nothing will replace my rather immense love for chunky sweaters (!!!), I'm currently quite satisfied with brainstorming new outfit varieties just from re-styling some existing dresses. Come the even colder days (dread, Toronto winters are not kind), just throw on a cozy cardigan and call it a day.

Learning to style pieces differently and thinking outside of the usual box—after all, that's what fashion is all about isn't it


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