The Broadview Hotel

Since every other blogger and Instagrammer from Toronto had made their way to The Broadview Hotel over the last month,

I felt naturally obligated to pay a visit. Nowadays, with everything being done "for the 'gram", we bloggers end up taking a lot of photos of beautiful food and interiors that is only a feast for the eyes. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few immediate couple establishments that I won't name here. What also (usually) goes into creating those photos are the cold lattes and food, taking plates on tour around the restaurant, and lots of stares. Thankfully, by the time I finished these photos, only the lattes had gone lukewarm.

The Broadview Hotel must also be doing something right though. A friend and I managed to visit for lunch at their downstairs café last Saturday, and I've had this Summertime Tagliarini on my mind ever since. Simple, fresh, and just what I was looking for. My friend had the Pan Roasted Rainbow Trout, and the only complaint was that there was not more. 

I also want to give a special shoutout to the waiter who also brought me the dinner menu in case I wanted "more colour" (let's ignore the technicality that black is actually a shade), after I asked for the menus back. Like I said, everything gets done for the 'gram.