Comfort Zone

Wearing — pants from Sylvie & Shimmy, dress (worn as a top) from Poshsquare, shoes from Loeffler Randall, sunglasses from Céline, earrings from Club Monaco, rings from Mejuri, bag from Etsy

Until recently, I've been admiring summer's colour trends (oranges, reds, yellows) from afar.

When I saw these burnt orange pants from my favourite boutique in Toronto, I knew it was time to make the plunge. Albeit a bit late, since August is already more than half over (can you believe that?). 

The funny thing is, even though I am generally a very uncolourful person (per my clothes and general tendencies), orange (and yellow) has always been my favourite colour. According to the internet, if my favourite colour is orange, I must be warm, optimistic, extroverted, and often flamboyant(?). Apparently, I also enjoy partying and socializing to a great extent. Hmm... not sure if I would agree. In fact, I may strongly disagree with all of the above.

Back to these pants—the great thing is, because it is a more muted orange, it actually complements my closet of neutrals. When I wore these pants out on a separate occasion, a friend made a comment that this colour was something she would never normally consider on its own while shopping, but it worked well now that she was looking at it in conjunction with an outfit. It got me thinking, I'm a complete creature of habit, so when I style something out of the norm, that's usually when I discover something about myself. Things that are out of my comfort zone, or atypical things, these are what allow me to expand my closet in unique and interesting manners.