Sunday Muse


Sunday is my typical day of the week to
shoot blog content.


That also means it's usually spent brunching around town, embarrassing myself and probably whoever I'm with at restaurants and cafes (how else do you get those over-the-head brunch shots?), and now that it's colder—braving the elements for photos (note to self: still need to buy the boyfriend a pair of new gloves... Christmas present, check). 

As a somewhat relevant aside, I tried really hard to include the word "Sunday" in my blog name because of this fact that it's when most of my content is produced. And actually, in its earliest form "Sunday Muse" was going to be the name of this blog. "Someday" came a bit later after that solely because of how similar it sounded.

Last Sunday, I went back to Broadview Hotel for brunch and then shot some photos outside the cafe, which I've mentioned on here before. This time though, the palette looks quite different. Although that article was only posted back in August, it's amazing from my perspective how contrasting these two sets of photos are (and it's not just because the seasons have changed).

That's the thing I guess, as much as I want to develop a consistent style of photos and editing, I also never want become stagnant in my work's quality. Maybe I'll revisit in another 3 months and compare photos again.

Onto the outfit: this is my quintessential fall outfit of this moment, something that I would wear any day of the week (swapping jeans for trousers Monday to Thursday, because work haha). 

I recently added these Mango ankle boots to my growing collection of black ankle boots. With its acquisition, I now have a pair of black ankle boots in every leather finish. Well, I thought that meant I would be officially done with ankle boot purchases. Hah, that was definitely not true... I'm just not looking at them in black, sort of. Instead, I have my eyes on rich burgundies and chestnuts, and even leopard and snakeskin.

I suppose it's true, no one ever did complain about having too many ankle boots. I certainly am not.


Wearing |
Oak and Fort Coat (similar here and here);
Massimo Dutti Sweater (similar here);
Topshop Jeans;
Mango Boots (similar here);
Chloe Faye Bag;
Ollie Quinn Sunglasses, Kapten & Son Watch, Mejuri Rings & Necklaces


Photos by my friend Jess Pilattes.