Wearing  | Oak and Fort  Blazer , Mejuri  Open Diamond Ring ,  Beaded Ring ,  Diamond Solo Ring , &  Midi Hoops

Recently I've been rethinking what defines femininity.

A quick Google image search for the text comes up with a lot of pinks, florals, and long curly hair—none of which are featured here. Despite so, I've never really thought of myself as unfeminine.

I don't wear a lot of tight clothes, I suck at wearing heels, and I love a good oversized blazer (with some of my personal favourites linked below). No, I don't veer towards the extremes of girliness and glitter but I still enjoy all the things that most girly girls enjoy (and that I in fact get regularly done) such as hair and manicure appointments (overdue right now), facials, and eyelash extensions. Not to mention my somewhat vain love for clothing and photos (some might say that's just part of the blogger job description right?). 

Still, sometimes I wonder, "am I too unlike the traditional lady?" 

This set of photographs as a result is meant to evoke femininity without its customary frills but rather with a softness and delicacy that means nothing else.