Autumn, in Massimo Dutti


Although we've had some odd weather going into autumn, I think it's safe to say it's finally layering season.


For now, I'm enjoying switching up my outfits and the shopping contemplations that inevitably come with the changing of seasons (currently still missing: ankle boots, a checked blazer, and more chunky knits). As long as we stay above sub-zero temperatures, I think I can handle this. 

Autumn is always one of those times where I'm more comfortable spending a bit more on investment pieces. I have a hard time justifying $100 for a cotton tanktop (just not enough fabric, you know?), but if a coat or sweater is made to last, I'm more okay with paying a price premium. Plus, Toronto spends more than half the year in a state of cold (depressing, I know) so these are arguably the pieces I end up getting the most wear out of. 

A staple I had been missing before this year was a trench coat. This one from Massimo Dutti checked all the right boxes: colour, cut, length, and just the right amount of detailing in the form of buckles, etc. It also adds the touch of warmth missing from my typical wardrobe of black-grey-whites. 

In fact, I've been loving all the pieces I've picked up recently from Massimo Dutti. My shopping tendency is this: I look for office-appropriate pieces which have a little bit of that je ne sais quoi to it while still remaining classic and timeless, and they're just so good at this. 

As a final aside, I very rarely choose to shoot near red bricks, but I'm somehow loving how this set of photos turned out. 


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Massimo Dutti Trench Coat
(found out as I was writing this post that this exact item is sold out, but there is a very similar one that I was also eyeing here);
Massimo Dutti Tank Top;
Massimo Dutti Trousers;
Zara Shoes;
and Celine Bag


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